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After Care

Taking care of your tattoo is extremely important! We can tell the difference between technical errors and lack of care. Tattoos typically take about two weeks to heal but keep in mind that if a tattoo was done on a sensitive area it could take longer than that. Everyone is different and your healing time might not be the same as someone else's.

For the first week make sure to wash your tattoo 2 - 3 times a day. When washing your tattoo make sure to use a gentle fragrance free soap and use just your finger tips to cleanse the area. Next, pat dry with a clean towel and apply either aquaphor or bagbalm as a LIGHT layer over your tattoo. Rub it all the way in. Over use of these ointments can result in clogged pores, which people often confuse for a reaction or infection, and can cause your tattoo to remain too moist and result in ink falling out.

After the first week we reccomend switching to a fragrance free lotion (anything with fragrance will burn your tattoo) to keep your tattoo hydrated. Continue to wash it as you have the week before. It's likely that peeling has started to occur at this point. DO NOT pick or scratch at the peeling tattoo. The tattoo will be peeling in the color of ink where it is applied. Your tattoo could also become itchy. DO NOT scratch directly on the tattoo. Do not use sunscreen on your tattoo until its completely healed.


If you have any other questions please contact your artist.

Piercing After Care

Healing times:

  • Navel/nipples: 6 months - 1 year
  • Jewelry can be changed in 6-8 weeks
  • Eye brow/ears/oral piercings: 4-6 weeks
  • Jewelry can be changed in about 4-6 weeks.
  • Nostril/septum/cartilage: 4-6 months
  • Jewelry can be changed in 6-8 weeks

Piercing afercare is very important! You'll need to clean your piercing at least twice a day, every morning and every night, for at least a month. During the healing process, your body secretes a matter known as lymph, which is primarily white bloodcells that aid in the healing process. This fluid should be clear or white and can dry yellowish. If the discharge changes in color to green, brown, or becomes bloody please consult a physician. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR NEW PIERCING UNLESS YOU ARE CLEANING IT AND HAVE WASHED YOUR HANDS.

How to clean:

  1. wash your hands with soap.
  2. Take a clean Q-tip with warm water and remove any crusted matter around the jewelry.
  3. Lather your hands with soap and gently lather the jewelry. Take ahold of the jewelry and gently, but firmly, move the jewelry back and forth through the piercing about ten times.
  4. Next, rinse away the soap and run the jewelry through the piercing with clean water. Make sure to thoroughly rinse away the soap as it could lead to irritation. If you feel you're are experiencing an adverse reaction, please come see us to let you know whether it is simply irritation or requires seeing a physician.

DO NOT USE ALCOHOL, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, OR OINTMENTS. Alcohol and peroxide kill off skin cells that must regenerate to help heal your piercing. Using these products could result in longer healing times. Ointments suffocate the piercing and trap bacteria.

DO NOT allow others to touch your piercing while its healing.

Do not submerge your new piercing in lakes, oceans, swimming pools, hot tubs or baths for the next month. The bacteria content is high in these places and increases your chance of infection.



Start with clean washed hands. Rinse with mouth wash after you eat or drink anything. Wash the outside with soap and water 2-3 times a day as directed above.

If you start with the post style jewelry (versus a ring), check for food particles that could get stuck behind the flat back.


Use mouthwash after you eat or drink anything that is not water.

All Oral piercings:

Avoid oral contact with others for about a month and avoid drinking alcohol (especially beer) for about three weeks. Consumption of beer could result in a yeast infection.

If you smoke, use mouth wash after each time or try to avoid completely.

Jewelry for oral piercings is often longer to give room for the area to swell. After the swelling goes down your jewelry will likely be a little too large and often annoying. Please wait the four weeks before changing it out as additional swelling can occur within the month. If jewelry is changed prematurely it can prolong the total healing time.

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